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Date Event Results
2016-2017 Season
16th October 2016 Ayrshire Flyers Open Protocol
2015-2016 Season
 20th March 2016 Scottish Championships Protocol
Club Skater of the Year Protocol
13th February 2016 Mohawks Open Protocol
24th January 2016 Scottish 1000m Championships Protocol
6th December 2015 Scottish 500m Championships Protocol
18th October 2015 Ayrshire Flyers Speed Skating Club Open Protocol
17th August 2015 Forth Valley Open Protocol
2014-2015 Season
12th April 2015 Scottish Championships Protocol
8th February 2015 Scottish 1000m/3000m Championships Protocol
3-4th January 2015 British Championships Results
30th November 2014 Scottish 500m Competition Protocol
4-5th October 2014 Ayrshire Flyers Speed Skating Club Open Protocol
2013-2014 Season
25-26th May 2014 British Championships 2014 Protocol
4th May 2014 Scottish Ladies, Masters and 3000m Championships 2014 Protocol
23rd March 2014 Scottish Championships 2014 Protocol
8th February 2014 Solihull Open Protocol
26th January 2014 Scottish 500m Championships Protocol
15th December 2013 Scottish 1000m Championships Protocol
30th November 2013 Mohawks Open Protocol
24-25th August 2013 Open Trials 2013-2014 Protocol
2012-2013 Season
11-12th May 2013 IS Skating Trophy 2013, Dumfries Protocol
24th March 2013 Scottish Championships Protocol
17th March 2013 Scottish Masters, Ladies and 3km Competitions Protocol
27th January 2013 Scottish 500m Protocol
25th November 2012 Scottish 1000m Protocol
28th October 2012 Ayrshire Flyers Open Protocol
2011-2012 Season
25th March 2012 Scottish Championships 2012 Protocol
11th March 2012 Scottish Ladies and Masters Championships Protocol
18th February 2012 Scottish 1000m and 3000m Protocol
8th January 2012 British Championships Results,
26th November 2011 Solihull Open Protocol
19th November 2011 Aldwych Open, Guildford Protocol
6th November 2011 Walkers Sprint, Auchenharvie Protocol
11th September 2011 Ayrshire Flyers Open, Auchenharvie Protocol
10th September 2011 Scottish Open, Dumfries Protocol
2010-2011 Season
9th-10th April 2011 British Championships Protocol
27th March 2011 FitzRoy-Smith Rankings 2011 Rankings
27th March 2011 Scottish Championships 2011 Protocol, Photos
27th February 2011 Scottish Ladies and Mens Sprint Championships 2011 Protocol
19th February 2011 Scottish 1000m and 3000m Championships 2011 Protocol
30th January 2011 Scottish 500m Championships 2011 Protocol
28-29th December 2010 Junior British Open Championships 2010 Protocol
12th December 2010 Scottish Masters Championships 2010/11 Protocol
20th November 2010 Solihull Open Protocol
24th October 2010 Masters International, Hasselt, Belgium Report
17th October 2010 Nottingham Open Protocol
26th September 2010 Magnum Open Protocol
28th/29th August 2010 National Open Squad Trials Protocol
2009-2010 Season
27th March 2010 Fitzroy Smith Trophy Final Rankings for 2009-10 Results
27th March 2010 Scottish Championships, Stirling Protocol
21st March 2010 Scotland v England, Dundee Protocol
14th March 2010 Scottish Masters, Stirling Protocol
31st January 2010 Scottish Ladies Championship and Mens Sprint, Magnum Protocol
28-29th December 2009 British Junior Open, Nottingham Protocol
19th December 2009 Scottish 500m and 3000m Championship, Stirling Protocol
5th December 2009 Nottingham Open Protocol
22nd November 2009 Scottish 1000m Championship, Irvine Protocol
15th November 2009 Sheffield Open, Sheffield Protocol
14th-15th November 2009 StarClass, Hasselt, Belgium Protocol
31st October – 1st November 2009 StarClass, Mannheim, Germany Protocol
18th October 2009 North Ayrshire Sports Council Open Championship Protocol
17th October 2009 Sk8Scotland Open Championship, Dumfries Protocol
2-4th October 2009 Lombardia StarClass, Milan Protocol
26th September 2009 Dundee Open Championship Protocol
16th August 2009 Scottish Open Trials, Irvine Protocol
2008-2009 Season
28th-29th March 2009 British Championships – Nottingham Results
21st March 2009 Last Stirling Competition at Old Rink Protocol
15th March 2009 Scottish Quarter-mile, Irvine Protocol
8th March 2009 Scottish Pairs, Stirling Protocol
27-Feb to 1-Mar-2009 Future Champions Trophy, Amsterdam Protocol
22nd February 2009 Scottish Ladies and Walkers Mens Sprint Protocol
15th February 2009 Scotland vs England Protocol
14th February 2009 Solihull Open Protocol
6th February 2009 Scottish 3000m, Dundee Protocol
24-25th January 2009 Friesland Cup, Leewarden, Netherlands Protocol
25th January 2009 Sheffield Open Protocol
18th January 2009 Scottish Championships, Dundee Protocol
28-29th December 2008 Junior British Open, Nottingham
12-14th December 2008 Olympic Day, Dresden, Germany Protocol
7th December 2008 Scottish Half-mile Championship Protocol
29th November 2008 Solihull Open Protocol
14-16th November 2008 Star Class, Reims, France Protocol
1st November 2008 Nottingham Open, Nottingham Protocol
26th October 2008 Irvine Open, Magnum Protocol
25th October 2008 Sk8scotland Open, Dumfries Protocol
5th October 2008 Sheffield Open Protocol
3-5th October 2008 Star Class, Bolzano, Italy Protocol
20-21st September 2008 Open Trials, Nottingham Protocol
30th August 2008 Scottish Open Trials, Dundee Protocol
2007-2008 Season
27th April 2008 Scottish Championships, Dundee Protocol
29th-30th March 2008 British Championships, Dundee Protocol
15th March 2008 Guildford Open Protocol
24th February 2008 Scottish Ladies Championship & Walkers Men Sprint Protocol
22nd February 2008 Scottish 3000m – Dundee Protocol
16th February 2008 Solihull Open Protocol
10th February 2008 NASC Open, Irvine Protocol
9th February 2008 Scotland v England, Irvine Protocol
26th/27th January 2008 Friesland Cup Results
20th January 2008 Scottish Half Mile Protocol
19th January 2008 Nottingham Open Results
6th January 2008 Scottish Quarter Mile Protocol
28th/29th December 2007 Junior British Open Results
14th/16th December 2007 Olympic Day Star Class – Dresden Results
2nd December 2007 Scottish Squad Trials Protocol
24th November 2007 Solihull Open Results
4th November 2007 Scottish Pairs – Stirling Protocol
14th October 2007 Irvine Open Protocol
13th October 2007 Scottish Open, Dumfries Protocol
29th September 2007 Dundee Open Protocol
22nd September 2007 Solihull Open Results
8th September 2007 Nottingham Open Results
1-2 September 2007 Open National Trials, Nottingham Results
2006-2007 Season
20th May, 2007 Club Championships, Irvine Protocol
22nd April 2007 North Ayrshire Sports Council Open – Irvine 2007 Results
14th/15th April 2007 British Championships – Nottingham 2007 Results
25th March, 2007 Sk8Scotland Scottish Championships – Dundee Protocol
26th February, 2007 Scottish Ladies Championships and Walker Mens’ Sprints – Irvine Protocol
23rd February, 2007 Scottish 3000m – Dundee Protocol
4th February, 2007 Fun Race, Irvine Protocol
7th January, 2007 Scottish Quarter Mile, Stirling Protocol
28th, 29th December, 2006 Junior British Open, Nottingham Protocol
10th December, 2006 Scottish Half Mile, Irvine Protocol
10th November, 2006 Scottish Combined Pairs, Stirling Protocol
14th October, 2006 Scottish Open Championships Protocol
1st October, 2006 Irvine Friendly Protocol
2005-2006 Season
11th June, 2006 Club Championships Protocol
7th May, 2006 Irvine Open Protocol
6th May, 2006 Dundee Gala Protocol
29th & 30th April, 2006 British Championships, Sheffield Results
2nd April, 2006 Scottish Championships, Dundee Protocol
26th March, 2006 Scottish Combined Pairs, Stirling Protocol
5th March, 2006 Scottish Ladies Championship, Irvine Protocol
5th February, 2006 Scottish Quarter Mile, Stirling Protocol
15th January, 2006 Scottish Half Mile, Irvine Protocol
28th & 29th December, 2005 Junior British Open, Nottingham Results
11th December, 2005 Open Event, Stirling Protocol
3rd December, 2005 Solihull 70th Anniversary Protocol
27th November, 2005 Open Event, Irvine Protocol
2004-2005 Season
May, 2005 Club Championships, Irvine Results
4th April, 2005 British Open Championships, Nottingham Results

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