Get involved in speed skating

How to get involved in a winter sport with the Ayrshire Flyers Speed Skating Club
As next year’s Winter Games draw ever-closer, interest around the many sports that are included within the event begins to spark.
Short track speed skating
This particular discipline is a form of ice skating that relies on speed. Short track speed skating has been present in the Winter Games since 1992. Great Britain have only ever won one bronze medal since it began.
If you have a passion for for speed skating and live in or around Ayrshire, then the Ayrshire Flyers Speed Skating Club is the best place to try it out. The club’s coach, Archie Marshall is in fact a former Olympic speed skater himself – offering the best advice and training around.
What’s more, he coached both Elise Christie and Kathryn Thomson who are set to represent the nation next year.
Winter Games guide
For those looking to get involved, our club has even been featured as a location in Crystal Ski’s exclusive Winter Games guide.
“Winter Games are Coming” looks at the sporting hopefuls who have demonstrated their athletic potential, the ones to watch in 2018 and even areas that you can get involved in a variety of winter sports. You can navigate your way through the guide to find sporting stars past and present and which region they were born in.
We’re certainly rooting for the five confirmed athletes next year and wish them every success in the event!
Getting involved
At the Ayrshire Flyers Speed Skating Club, we welcome families who are at all skill levels. You can be a beginner or have a little more experience, all that you need is love and dedication for the ice.
If you have an interest in the 2018 Games, and an enthusiasm for the sport, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with our club secretary at . We’re very friendly and love welcoming new members.
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