Coach’s Report Club Championships 2011/12

With the usual excitement, energy & enthusiasm we saw the final racing of the season from Ayrshire Flyers today.

The Club Champion this year is again Kathryn T. with Lorna T. second, Callum M. third and Connor H. fourth, both boys colliding on the first corner which saw them fall and lose their chance of taking the trophy.

The Club Handicap Race, after its usual mayhem, spills & tumbles was won by Aiden W-S., Megan pipped Joshua on the line to take second place.

Then there was the big event of the day, the event we’ve waited all year for, the Annual Parents Race (or as now known, The Race of Those That Should Know Better). Thanks go to Alistair, Sylvia, Ailsa, Iain, Gayle, Robert & Dana for their bravery, well done to Iain although Ailsa assures us all he cheated.

Next we had family races – first up were the Hulls, a closely contended race but Connor took the title. Next were the Johnstons, Alistair won much to Lorna & Deborah’s disapproval! The two Thomson families were next, followed by Joshua, Robert, Dana, Erin & Ciaran, then Iain, Callum, Aiden & Sylvia. All races were completed with much hilarity and gusto aided by various handicaps and the addition of obstacles on the track!!

Club Championships

Coach's Skater

Fall of the Year

Handicap Winner

Most Improved Girl

Trophy Winners 2012

The season’s other awards were:

  • Skaters’ Skater of the Year: Kathryn T.
  • Coach’s Skater of the Year: Rebecca H.
  • Most Improved Girl:  Deborah J.
  • Most Improved Boy: Roy W.
  • Fall of the Year: Lorna J. (thanks to Archie)

The session finished with fun and games, congratulations to all the trophy winners and thanks to everyone for their participation today and their help and support throughout the season.

The latest personal bests for the season can be found on the PBs Page.

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