Time for a Chat – the Result

A meeting was held on Sunday 22nd May to give Archie and the Club the opportunity to discuss plans for the coming season for the club and other skating matters.  Here is the outcome:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend today’s meeting prior to training and for the information of those who were not present the following points were covered.

You may or may not be aware that speedskating is one of the few winter Olympic sport whose funding has been continued and indeed increased.  Among the first to benefit from this are two junior Scottish skaters, Kathryn T and Ben M, who are in the GB Junior training squad which will have 10 (three day) Camps at Sheffield this season.  For the past 4 or 5 years Sk8scotland has been working with Stuart Horsepool to find a way of sourcing finance to fund  junior Scottish speed skaters, so far without success.    The latest initiative is a proposal to fund a series of 10 Camps per season (over 3 years) for a Scottish Junior Development Squad and Stuart Horsepool will be presenting it this week.

It would be good for skater and club development if we can identify towards the end of the season an international club event, below Star Class standard, in Netherlands or Belguim that the majority of club can enter.

Our Club has always had members of various levels and ages and  this continues to be the case.  In the past year the Club has lost quite a few of our regular skaters who competed at Star Class level and losing these top skaters has had the knock-on effect on our up and coming skaters of lowering the quality and quantity of skaters to train with.  However, we are in the position the Club was in when it moved to the Magnum and are building the club membership again.  Income is relatively healthy and appreciate the skaters who pay by monthly standing as this lessens  the need to collect payments for the already stretched volunteers in the club.

It was pointed out that the breaks during training sessions are just that and skaters should not be skating round the track during breaks (a necessary safety precaution in view of the various levels within the club).  Likewise, it is a safety precaution that water  bottles are not kept in the middle of the rink during sessions – other clubs with a different club makeup may be able to do this but not ours.   All entry and exit from the ice is through the one centre door.

The move to Auchenharvie has meant that more time is needed to put out and take off the mats and so the help of all members and parents is needed.    All skaters should therefore be ready to go onto the ice at the start of the session to help with mats.  Whilst it is understood that not everyone is able to get to the Thursday session early because of school or work but the longer it takes to take mats on and off the less time is available for the session.   We particularly require more help getting the pads from ice to cupboard.

We now have seperate male and female dressing rooms and it’s important we maintain the segregation.   If any young skaters need assistance with skates etc., from a parent of the opposite sex please do so outwith the dressing room.

The Club championships take place on Sunday 5th June and all club trophies will presented at that time.   The parents race will again be taking place and this gives children the chance to laugh at their parents attempts.  This year, for a fee, there will be the chance to “throw a wet sponge” at Archie.

The size of rink normally required for the British Championship is 60m x 30m but we are investigating the possibility of holding it at Auchenharvie, 56m x 30m, with the Short Track Technical Committee.

There is a shortage of officials to hold competitions in Scotland.  We will hold a seminar/training for potential officials at a date to be arranged in July to hopefully kick start the process.

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