Scottish Championships

The Scottish Championships and Scottish Relay Championship were held on Sunday March 27th at the Dundee Ice Arena.  The winner was Elise Christie fresh from the World Championships in Sheffield. Full details of the competition are available on the Results page.

Scottish Senior Champion 2011

1st Elise C. Forth Valley
2nd Scott A. Dundee
3rd Craig M. Ayrshire Flyers

Scottish PeeWee Champion 2011

1st Ben McF. Dundee
2nd Kristofer I. Dundee
3rd Kristopher H. Ayrshire Flyers

Novice Competition

1st Andrew P. Dundee
2nd Jordan McL. Forth Valley
3rd Steven T. Ayrshire Flyers

The Scottish Relay Championship was won by Forth Valley (B Barreto, B Reid, E Christie, Shu Di Yang) with Ayrshire Flyers team (K Thompson, Roy Walker, E Taylor, C Miller) coming second after some interesting change-over demonstrations!

This competition was also the last in this year’s FitzRoy-Smith Trophy. The winners were:

Mens Champion: Craig M., Ayrshire Flyers
Ladies Champion: Claire P., Dundee
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