Awards Night 2010

The annual 2010 Awards Night was held at the Tournament Cafe, Eglington Park on Saturday 5th June.

The awards started with each skater getting a certificate with their PBs for the 2009/2010 season. ┬áThe Club Championship awards were presented with Shelley T. in 3rd place, Shannon S. in 2nd place, with Craig M. taking the overall championship.In the Club Handicap competition, Stephen Q. was 3rd, with Fraser L. in 2nd place, and Connor M. taking this year’s title.

The coveted Janet McNicoll trophies for the most improved skaters were awarded next. Fiona T. was selected received the Award for Most Improved Girl. While Euan T received the award for Most Improved Boy.

The Skater of the Year, as selected by Coach Archie Marshall, was this year presented to Alison W. This was presented to Alison in recognition of her podium position at this year’s British Championships, and for being the inaugural winner of the Ladies Fitzroy Smith event.

Each year the skaters vote for their skater of the year. This was a closely fought category with lots of nominees, but the overall winner emerged as Fraser L..

The most closely contested competition of the year, is the Fall of the Year. In the passed this fall has occurred in European events, in national competitions or has even been caught on camera.  This year, however, apparently the best fall occurred in a quiet Friday morning session, without many witnesses. The stored passed around afterwards varied in detail, but all agreed it was a worthy candidate for the Fall of the Year competition.  Congratulations to Euan T.

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