Scotland v England, 2010

The 2010 Scotland v England Junior International was held at Dundee Ice Rink on the 21st March.

Scotland got off to good start in the first session of 777m and 1500m races, taking a lead of 43 to 22 points. The English team rose to the challenge in the second session of shorter 333m and 500m races, the points ending equal for that session. Scotland however extended their lead in the third session of 500m and 100m races, taking that session with 42 points to England’s 23.

The most exciting races of the evening, as always, were the relays, with the crowd getting into the fun of the event. The Senior relay turned into two very close races between the English and Scottish A teams, and the two B teams. An exciting end to a great competition, with Scotland winning the overall event, 151 points to England’s 94.

This was a great event, with skaters and parents all contributing to a fun and friendly atmosphere. We would like to thank all the English skaters and families that made the long journey to Dundee and helped keep this junior international event going for another year.

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