Personal Bests October 2015

After October’s competitions the following Skaters have new Personal Bests:

                Roy Walker                         1.19.55 for the 777m

                Billy Mair                             59.67 for the 500m & 1.36.06 for the 777m

                Chloe Cameron                 30.53 for the 222m, 44.57 for the 333m & 1.09.58 for the 500m

                Emma Thomson               1.44.28 for the 500m

                Samantha Mair                  32.31 for the 222m, 50.17 for the 333m & 1.13.02 for the 500m

                Sean Farrell                         17.03 for the 111m, 34.37 for the 222m & 51.05 for the 333m

Club Competition Secretary

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