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Ayrshire Flyers Speed Skating Club Open Competition

Well done to all skaters who took part in our Open Competition at Auchenharvie Ice Rink on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October 2014. The full protocol is on the Results page PDF.




Congratulations to the medal winners in the following categories:

Junior D, E & F Girls
Position Skater
First Olivia Weedon, Aldwych
Second Sophie Robertson, Nottingham
Third Deborah Johnston, Ayrshire Flyers
Junior D, E & F Boys
Position Skater
First Joshua Davidson, Forth Valley
Second Freddie Polak, Nottingham
Third Jack Weedon, Aldwych
Junior A, B & C Girls
Position Skater
First Isabelle Roberts, Nottingham
Second Tanith Turner, Aldwych
Third Georgia Shanahan, Nottingham
Junior A, B & C Boys
Position Skater
First Callum Sturch, Mohawks
Second Jacob Porter, Nottingham
Third Michael Mackay, Ayrshire Flyers
Position Skater
First Roy Walker, Ayrshire Flyers
Second Luke Smallman, Forth Valley
Third Claire Pirie, Forth Valley
Novice Group B – Girls
Position Skater
First Chloe Cameron, Ayrshire Flyers
Second Rachel Davidson, Forth Valley
Third Lucy Philliben, Forth Valley
Novice Group B – Boys
Position Skater
First Martin Rutherford, Forth Valley
Second Mackenzie Alexander, Forth Valley
Third Sean Farrell, Ayrshire Flyers
Novice Group A
Position Skater
First Collette Norwood, Forth Valley
Second Gareth Alexander, Forth Valley