Monthly Archives: April 2011

Nostalgia Trip: the Last Magnum Event

The last event at the Magnum was hardly what you would call “serious training” as the following pictures show. I particularly like the bizarre ritual where the Coach makes the skaters kneel in his presence; then there is the fun of all those blades coming nicely together;  and what chance was there that the mat wall would stay up; who is that hanging on the barrier for dear life?  We’ll all miss the old Magnum (for a week or so). Read more

Photos from the Scottish Championships

Here are some photos taken at the Scottish Championships held in Dundee on the 27th March.  They are in no particular order and I haven’t added any captions because a) there are too many, and b) I don’t know who everyone is (for example, who is that girl who seems to be giving our Craig a bit of a whipping…? :-)). However, I’m sure you’ll recognise the people that matter to you…  We would like to thank Derek Black for taking the photographs and for allowing us to publish them. Read more

Auchenharvie Visit

Here are some photos from our visit to our new home at the new Auchenharvie rink on the 15th March.